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always fighting and disliking
completely different people just trying to share some good
all the pros and all the cons
make me see that this relationship is not the way we'd like

all the tears, all the doubts
all the stupid words we said that made both of us start to cry
I always fuck it up, you always screw it up
I don't know how but in the end it always seems to end up right

and right is good enough for me
'cause perfect I know it won't be
'cause perfect wouldn't just be real
and this is fucking real, I really feel the way I say I feel

weird decisions made up in weird minds
and after every fight we always say we should try one more time
maybe it's only about possessions
maybe I can not face the fact of seeing you with other guys

you're my support, you mean a lot to me
I don't know why but I always think that you don't feel the
I always think that you think it's not about feelings
maybe just to kill time, maybe you face it all like a game

but I can't do it this way
watch all my feelings fade away
I'm trying not to think of it
but maybe this is just the way it is supposed to be

not really around you but better than without you
'cause maybe you still have some nice things to say
pretend that you need me, say what I wanna listen
with all these nice lies I think that I'll never go away!

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