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Ragtime Cowboy Joe

The sons of the Pioneers

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
D          G              D Edim  G 
Out in Arizona where the bad men are, 
         D              G               D    Fdim  A 
And the only friend to guide you is an eve - ning star, 
     D     Cdim    G    Edim  D F#m Bm Fdim E7/9      A6/7/9 A7   D 
The rough - est, tough - est man by far was Rag - time Cow - boy Joe. 
 A                D9                 A        F#7 
Got his name from sing - ing to the cows and sheep; 
A                    F#7                B7  E7  A 
Ev' - ry night, they say, he sings the herd to sleep 
D    G   Em7   D   F#7  B7   E7/9        Cdim     A7 
In a bas - so rich and deep, croon - ing soft and low 
 Em7/9 Cdim   A7   D       D   Dm7 D    Dm7 D  Dm7  D    Dm7 
 He    al - ways sings   rag - gy mu - sic to his cat - tle  
Edim     E7      Cdim     E7        Cdim     E7 
 As he swings    back and for - ward in his sad - dle 
Gdim     A7   Em7          A7        Em7        A7 
 On his horse       who is syn - co - pa - ted gait - ed 
Edim     D               B7               E7              A7 
And with such a fun - ny me - ter to the roar of his re - peat - er 
Em7 Edim D        D   Dm7   D   Dm7  D     Dm7  D     
How they run     when they hear the fel - ler's gun 
     Edim       E7   Cdim  E7  Bm7/5- E7 
Be - cause the west - ern folks all know: 
       G                    G/F# 
He's a hi - fa - loot - in' root - in' toot - in'  
Em7     Edim      E7     Bm7/5- 
Son of a gun from Ar - i - zo - na 
Em7/9     A6/7/9 A7   Gm7   Cdim     A6/7/9 A7    
Rag - time cow - boy (talk about your cow - boy) 
Em7/9     A6/7/9 A7   D 
Rag - time cow - boy Joe.
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