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John Jameson

The White Buffalo

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
          C                             C
Well, I'm sloshed and seeing the stars, stumbling between bars,

C                             C
Curse you Jameson, you have destroyed me once again.

      F                          C
But I need you, I need you now.

    C                              C
I'm Bruised and busted now, got to get to you somehow.

              C                       C
Well, I can't stop before I start, to dry this drowning heart.

      F                              C
Oh, I need you now, I need you now.

G                                      F                                  C
I think I drank more than my fill, and that explains the evil in my eye.

    C                                      C
I'm lost in the middle of a drunk, I'm not sinking, I have sunk,

       C                                         C
To the shadows at your back door, you scream you don't need me no more.

      F                              C
Oh, I need you now, I need you now.

G                                        F                              C
In this fog there's just John and me, help me find the remedy tonight.

G                                          F                                        C
And when there's only wrong in me there's nothing that can lead me to the light.

       Am                C
Oh, I need you, like the flowers need the rain.

        Am                   C
I don't need you, there's no flowers only pain.

             F                           C
Behind the empty of your eyes I see the sadness and the blame,

         F                                       C         C
In the darkness of my heart, there's only shame.

C                                       C
Well I'm sloshed and seeing the stars.
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