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2 Hearts


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
(intro) C G D5 Am

C                                G
You said you would wait for me
D5                            Am
But something went wrong
C                       G                          C
The house was empty, your pictures gone
C                            G
I knew you’d come back one day
D5                      Am
Our love was so strong
C                  G                       C
The past behind us, it’s been here all along
               G                  C
'Cos I’m deep inside of you
                G                 Am
And you’re deep inside of me
C                          G
And I hope we’re two
D5         Am
We will always be

C                   G
Two hearts forever
D5              Am
One heart alone
C               G                    Am
I need to know your love is mine
Two hearts forever
One heart alone
I won’t leave you alone, whoa
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    • Élison Duarte

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