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Hold On To Faith

Travis Lee Triggs

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
    C                 G          Fmaj7              
Iam in a tough time again  where making ends meet means  
         G                             C 
12 hour days and working weekends  but I'am gonna keep  
    G             Fmaj7                    G 
the faith knowing that my dreams will come true someday 
CHOURS: Strum 
    C            G              Fmaj7         G 
And I will never forget all the hard work the blood  
                    C               G 
and the sweat  with my God standing with me then  
Fmaj7           G         Fmaj7             G 
who could be against me I know I can do anything  
hold on to Faith: 
       C                       G                
theres people trying to shut me down   
      Fmaj7            G 
but I don't hear their negative sounds  
     C                           G 
I'am just gonna keep on standing tall knowing  
Fmaj7               G 
that I can overcome the biggest wall 
Repeat Chours: 
Finger pick a little slower 
    C                      G               
And when it's all said and done  
          Fmaj7     G 
I'll be a testimony of Gods Love 
End with CHOURS: finger pick Slow  
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Otros videos de esta canción
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