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Spirit Of A Living God


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Underoath - Spirit Of A Living God

I wait for my true love, but she never came
I cry for my true love, but she never came
I leave this world never knowing who she was,
departing all alone..

I'd just like to speak for a second and say that,
hum.. I just encourage everybody who hears this album
to look towards Christ and not towards people, because
people allow you to fall away, people aren't perfect.
Theres only one person thats perfect and thats Christ.
And I see people every day who are looking at Christ
and blow Christ off because something that someone
else has failed on. And its just not worth it, Christ
has blessed me and every other member of this band
more than any other way that I can imagine, or be
spoken. Just the way everything worked out tonight was
just beautiful. I just pray for each and every one of
you, we wouldn't sit here and we wouldn't do this
unless we wouldn't put the time into it unless it was
trying to touch you, trying to reach your life and I
just ask please just give your heart to Christ, and
allow him to come in and just accept him. It says, "If
you acknowledge that you have sinned and you ask Christ
to come into you life, he will enter you life just
believe that he's died on the cross for your and risen
on the third day, and Christ can life for you and he
with you�? and I just pray that you just give
him that chance to do that, you don't know what you
missed, you don't know what you missed until you
haven't had something and realize that its gone, then
you realize what you've missed and what hasn't been in
your life. And I just ask you please just give the LORD
a chance to do that and I just hear a lot of people say
that its just, I hear a lot of people say that its just
you know, "Oh�? you know, "this some religious
person is trying to force this down my
throat.�? well thats not our intent our
intent's not to force this down your throat. We do
this because we love you and we care for the people
that do hear this. And I just wish everybody just to
look towards it and give it a chance, and not fall
out. There is hope, you can find it, and Christ is
hope and your never gunna feel a void, your never
gunna feel that huge gap and that void in your life
until you turn and you look at the truth, even though
you may not see it as the truth, I just pray that God
will reveal himself to you and you can open your eyes,
just as we were in your same shoes and he opened ours,
he opened our eyes eyes.. just... even though it's
this late you can't even speak, I just pray that He'll
please just show you his power. This album goes out to
just, the victims of rape and suicide, child
molestation, people who are broken hearted, people who
just cant handle life anymore and just have to fall on
their knees every night and cry. There is a better
way, and we have found it, please don't give up, there
is a better way.

Spirit of, the living God
Call fresh on, me
Spirit of, the living God
Fall fresh on me
Melt me, Mold me
Fill me, LORD use me
Spirit of, the living God
Fall fresh on, me
Spirit of, the living God
Fall fresh on, me
Fill me, Mold me
Fill me, Use me,
Spirit of, the living God
Fall fresh on, me
LORD melt me, LORD use me, LORD fill me, LORD mold me

LORD make me, the person you want me to be LORD. LORD
take me, and mold my, my mind. Renew my mind LORD,
help me not to listen to this world, politicians
people of this world, who only long to bring me hate
and frustration. Help me to think for myself, to
obtain knowledge, think! think for myself
Spirit of, the living God
Fall fresh on, me
-The Christian Authority

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