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Losers Are Always Losers



It's hard to say
But i know i'm out
Of this game
This was the first and final chance
And there's no time for the last dance

Don't worth wake up and wonder
About the things i should have told you
What happened will not happen again
For real, i don't give a damn

But losers are always losers
And there's nothing i can do
Losers are always losers
I'm the proof

How many times will i have?
To fall into pieces to learn
That i wasn't made to fall in love
That i'm not too strong to support
The pain of disappointment to be every time

In the last place
In the wrong place
In the worst place
Well, i am used to

Composición de Criston Lucas/Romulo Brandao
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Matheus

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