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Rough Sex

Vybz Kartel

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Ah baby! Wha yuh really dealin ?

(Delicious & kartel)
Baby (yeh) I dont wanna hurt tonight (but)
I just want u to take ur time (baby u know) and make love to me (baby yuh must)
I want it slow and sexy (listen nuh) and dis is how I want it (how)

I want it slow tonight
So baby dim the lights
Just kiss me, touch me, tease me baby and just hold me tight
Then look into my eyes
And make me fantasize , about the way ur gonna take me to my paradise.

Ey! Skin it up, pussy fat mek me ting it out
Ey! Tek buddy gyal, tek buddy gyal, tek buddy gyal
Till yuh knock out
U ah chat bout back shot (mm) stab it out
She say adi (breathe) adi (breathe) time out!
Weh u wan mi tek it out and put it nah yuh mout (e e)
Di pussy tight like when tile when it clout
Mek mi ram it, ram it, ram it nuh yam it, nuh pick it out
Dont touch mi cocky, cock it up mek mi dig it out.

Oh cant you slow it down?
Cant you make love to me?
Cant you give off yourself and just fulfill my fantasies
Just let me lose my mind
Go to a place in time
And let my body shake and shiver ventures up my spine

Mi nuh run pussy prom push, hook inna yuh bush
Mek u feel more sting den rice weh jus cook
When she say mi cocky bigga den buffalo foot
Ah nah look (ey) wide out yuh foot like book
Mek yuh right hand????????? cocky mek u peuk
Yuh friend nah look so mi seh mek she look
Come sidung pon buddy like Bridget Meddle Brook
Come wine, come wine, come wine till mi jook

Ahhh baby, take ur time
Why cant you do it slow?
Please (wa mi ah she) Im begging you
(baby) stop (baby!) stooooooop
Listen shhhhhhh
Girl I can make you cum (but wha)
But Im not into slow (timely)
Ill rub your pussy wid my fingers till ur juices flow
Ill kiss ur nipples too, thats all that I will kiss
Nuttin smooth from a dick like dis
U know what? FUCK ME!

Dat mi like hear, come ride cocky bike here
Gyal gimmie tikkie like Nike air
When mi done is like George Bush him have a air strike here
Black pussy hair tun white hair
Bathe and bring it, mi right here!
T or night air, u are always invite here
Weh mi haffi do to prove that I care
(Baby) listen, ah u hear??

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