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Adam Sandler & Cole Sprouse

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Giuliani x2
WHY must you ever be gone-y
2 more months-ah
10 more weeks-ah
we have to deal with one of these geeks-ah
Giuliani x2
He-s Diplomatic-oh
Meeting leaders-oh
From all around the globe
but if you blame USA
Stick your__________ up your______
Giuliani x2
I will miss you senior Rudy
So tough but oh so sweet
The only good thing about you
Leaving we get the hookers back on the street

Hey America come to New York
Do some shopping
Catch a play
And if you see a lonely Fireman
Give that guy a thank you lay
And the cops too x2
Yankees bring New York together
Yankees we even like _________
Yankees now we break applause meter
With two words
He hits He fields
Hes got a cute-ah face
Even operaman would let him get to second base

The Who unite
Putting on the normal fight
PLus Mick Jagger's on the bill
Paul McCartney what a thrill
But it's Destiny's Child that gave me a boner
I've got a boner
A jewish circumsized boner
Can't get rid of the boner
Operaman wishes he was alone-ah

Oh Mr. Bin Laden
Why-ah he so angry
Just look-sh at him
Six-ah foot six
And he no can touch the rim
He no let women read
He no let women vote-ah
That's why the only love he gets
Is from a mountain goat-ah
He wants to spread disease-oh
In our own mail box
For he himself suffers
From a case of small cocks
Osama kiss my ass
Osama bite my dick
Osama go to hell
Osama get a shrink
Osama says hes tough
Osama says hes brave
Then tell me why Osama
Is shitting in a cave!!!!

It was an honor
To sing for you
Operaman have so much fun
Cause New York City_____________
You'll always be our number 1
Operaman BYE BYE

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