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Pickin' Daisies

Adam Sandler & Cole Sprouse

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

("what's the matter honey, are you not feeling well?
it's okay, mama will take care of you")
not really sick, but don't you know
i still say i am
dad just mumbles, 'there goes my girlie son
actin' up again'
("how could you be my kid?")
mom knows i'm fakin' it, but she understands
what'll happen if i go
the last four days
the tough guys have been on a roll
(they show him no mercy)
plenty of name calling and pushing my head
in the toilet bowl
(they call him a loser)
but they won't get their hands on me today
cause home with mama
is where i'm gonna stay
we're pickin' daisies
("who cares about them anyway?")
pickin' daisies
("they'll all be working for you someday")
pickin' daisies
("they're just jealous of you")
pickin' daisies
("next year you'll go to private school")
can't play sports or games,
i'm only really good at reading
(he can't catch a football)
apparently that's not too cool,
that's why my nose is usually bleeding
(plus they give him fat lips)
at this time yesterday, my underwear
was over my head
but i'll be safe today,
i know cause mama said
we're pickin' daisies
("who really cares what they think?")
pickin' daisies
("you should talk about it with your shrink")
pickin' daisies
("they'll all end up in jail")
pickin' daisies
("marshall's is having a sale")
i know tomorrow it'll all start up again
(he'll be greeted with a headlock)
and all that i can do is sit and pray
for the weekend
but i know when i'm older,
i'll look back and laugh
at all those kids who pulled my pants down
and took that photograph
cause we'll be through with kickball
we'll all be weak and old
but i will be the only one
with a magic place to go
pickin' daisies
("you're better off in the end")
pickin' daisies
("who cares? i'll be your friend")
pickin' daisies
("you can always count on me")
pickin' daisies
("i made you some iced tea")
pickin' daisies....
("you are, too, very handsome, just not in a traditionalway"....
"when i was a kid we didn't have videogames, just pinball. but icould learn"..
"well they're just upset that they don't have earmuffs"....
"you can come to aerobics class with me and watch, all the ladieslove you!"...
"who needs name brand shirts? yours is the same thing without afancy tag"...
"why don't you go to sleep? and when you wake up, then i'll playyou the eddie
fisher record"...)

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