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Lassie Come Home


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
C Am Em G 
C Am Em G 
A# F C G D 
Dm Am E Dm 
Am E G D 
C          Am  
Lonely boy gazing on the afternoon 
Em                                                 G 
People drifting across the surface of the twilight day 
                        C                      Am    
There's a Little Yellow Man, standing by the railway station 
Em                                                 G 
Painting portraits on the brickwalls of Billie Holloway 
Lovely Lady S.M.I2.L.E. 
F                         C                        G     D 
Dance, my dear, I'm only operating on "Lassie Come Home" 
"This was authentic you" she spoke, 
Am                           E       Dm 
"This was authentic you who blew me cold" 
Am                   E                                       G 
He had no chance to realise, it hit her straight between the eyes 
So I've been told 
In the park, she's giving out some photographs 
On which she's giving out some photos of what she hands around 
"They video'd a ghost tonight", she said before I turned it out 
"It rode an orange paper-bike, and left without a sound" 
Keep on riding, Sir 
Open up the door and shout it out: "Lassie Come Home, Come Home!" 
"This was authentic you?", she spoke, 
"This was authentic you who blew, who blew me cold" 
I had no chance to realise, it hit her straight between the eyes 
So I've been told 
Lonely girl, dancing in the music hall, 
Lightning struck her silver starship and turned it into stone. 
And now it's falling all the time into that void beyond her grey eyes. 
Somewhere a telephone is ringing, but nobody's at home. 
"Hello, Junkie-Sweetheart, Listen now this is your Captain calling: 
Your Captain is dead." 
Keep on riding, Sir, open up the door and shout it out - shout it out... 
A#                  F                  C 
Lassie Come Home - Lassie Come Home - Lassie Come Home 
G            D 
Lassie Come Home...
Composición de Bernhard Lloyd / Marian Gold / Ricky Echolette
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