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Moving On


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You don't know how cold it is
Till a warm breeze blows
Can't hear the static in the song
Till you change the station, now

Sitting, waiting on the green
Been trying to change my scene
Let's hit the road let it be known...
Universally, oh lawd

I'm moving on so gracefully
I took R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ing
Myself first to truly see...
Moving on... Moving on... Moving on, wouuwwee
Thanks for the song, but I'm moving on
To bigger and better things
Oh lawd..

You can say it's my fault
I can say its you
No more lies, don't apologize
We both know the truth
I'm crying, dying in the scene
Been trying.. Just to breath
Let's hit the road, let new love grow
Universally oh lawd

I see what you're doing
I've been right here before
We're hurting, hating, racing, pacing
So it's you and me no more
Moving on... Yoving... yeah I'm moving up and
Moving on
Thank you for your time and song, but baby I'll be moving

Composição de Anuhea Jenkins
Colaboración y revision:
  • Luiz Junior

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