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Heaven Knows


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I've been surviving since the day you left our home
I've never blamed you but at times I feel alone
This lonely bad dream
Isn't a nightmare
You made me stronger
You helped me get here
And I'm moving on beyond the memories

But I could never fall apart
I'm stronger with a broken heart
And I guess I don't mind being alone anyway
But now we're down here missing you
I'm surrounded by all but two
Heaven knows it hurts a little more every day

I know the world is just a cruel place to be
But a lifetime later you still feel so close to me
I'm not soldier
But I'm a fighter
With every whisper
My burden's lighter
But it'll never disappear

Without you I'm feeling lost
I know you're gone, so what's the cost
Of feeling whole again somehow
It's all to much to figure out
Did it leave scar when you ripped away
My longing burden I can't explain
Did you make me bleed when fate cut you out
You left me here in a cage of doubt

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