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Angels and Demons


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Did you break your wings
When you fell from grace
When you came from heaven
To this darker place

Did you watch me fall
From the clouds on high
See the glimmer of tears
Streaming from my eye

I think I bruised my soul
Climbing back from hell
But if you're here to change me
Then it's just as well

Your scars run deep
But darling they will fade
They told me to fear you
But I'm not afraid

Don't hold back
We're here right now
There's nothing left here to keep us out, oh
As different as
The day and night
I'm starting to feel like this is right and
You're the memory I can't erase
You're the part of me I can't replace
You're the angel that loved me somehow
And you're the demon I can't live without

I'm the crossroads king
In this wretched land
You found me a mess
But I'm a better man

I could see it hidden
Right from the start
'Neath your jagged bones
Was a beating heart

And that heart is yours
Or what I have left
So take my secrets
Take them off my chest

That's why I'm here
I've been broken too
So maybe you can fix me
And I'll fix you

Welcome to my universe
Touch me now and break my curse
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
So let's live life in reverse
Back to basics, back in time
Meet you halfway in the sky
Breaking mirrors, smashing through
I don't need luck when I'm with you

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