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Bring Me Back To Life


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I once told you all a little life lesson; I told you all to never back down
So call me Tia; sometimes I’m messing but I’m always true to the golden crown
Not old and brown, no, I’m not a mule
Come with me, we’ll go out of bounds
Let’s canter guys cause a lot of you people are gonna know of the life you found

I’m gonna bring you back to life
No time for the lonely nights
Break wide and show all your might
So just go and fight and put down the knife

Stand up now, don’t you leave
I’ll open your eyes so you can see
That live can be lived so happily
So open your mouth and breath for me

Alive inside
I'm not surprised
Today I'm not giving myself away
Tonight, oh, I'm doing what's right
So won't you bring me back to life
Was dead, I won't let it get to my head
I won't back down
I'll stand up instead
Been broken down, turned around
I've dealt with the strife
So won't you bring me back to life

Been through much worse than this
I really really thought about cursing it
Not ready for the grave or the hearse; I spit
Wicked sh--, never even worked a bit

Well dang, never made the story books
The change ain’t worth how the glory looks
I coulda took the path that old Maury took
But instead I hung around and gave the story a look and

Took the advice that I didn’t wanna take
Love turned bitter, and the bitter turned hate
Had no bones that I didn’t wanna break
Thought I felt love when the love was all fake

Life is a game and we are all choosing
I always ask God "Why was I losing?"
No time to stand with your movement
I said just live and that's what I'm doing

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