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Rebâtir (Freedom Cry)


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It's here on ashes that we stand
There's nothing left to see here
They let the world disappear
They said we'd see a brighter day
But they took freedom away

And then played their cards upon our fear
But they have failed at their own game
It tore at all frayed ends
Too burned to build again
And here we are to stand upon
The place they built their empire on
The place we came together with our friends

So, light a candle for the cause
They bared their teeth, we showed our claws
And here we are today
We drove their tyranny away
Now, take a second to inquire
Why you should fan this growing fire
Listen to our freedom cry
Here to rebuild or here to die

It's here together that we stand
The bricks we lay to guide us
Reflect the words inside us
Showing where we can be strong
Not what is right and what is wrong
But what we have defined on our own

Let's cut the ties around our dreams
Instead we'll trust and follow
Refusing to be hollow
And now I pledge to hold on to
The freedom shared with me and you
The life we are rebuilding unafraid

There's a time and a place
To show that we can erase
And we did
Oh we did
But not only did we take
We rebuilt for freedom's sake
And we are
We still are

They told us peace is submission
But that saying was a lie
Peace is when you listen
Take the time to hear their cries
Go, now my friend
This is what follows the end
We rebuild again

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