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Rock The World


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Here we're running on empty down this road
We're hanging on and we can't let go
We're leaving the world we know behind
Leaving the real life out of mind

And where we're going
We will find harmony
Tonight we're in a
Fictional reality
So let's get started
Our time has just begun
Here we'll discover
We're not the only ones

Oh, don't let it go
Don't let this moment pass you by
Stop, just let it flow
We're here to stay we're gonna rock the world tonight

Now welcome to the place we call a common ground
This is the place where hope is found
Give yourself a chance to let things go
And let your true techni-colors show

Now it's our time
We're going to watch the stars align
Hold on tight
We're gonna rock the world tonight
So let's forget about them
Let's only think about us
Now if you take just a step
Oh you'll start running for once
If this is all we've got
Then we can make it the best
Let's take the good times
And forget all the rest

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