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Sweet Dreams


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Don't mind the noise outside the door
It's just a phantom, nothing more
No need to give yourself a scare
When you glance and no one's there
I don't want to have to hurt you

It's not your fault I felt his rage
Just a child about your age
But something drives me to this place
I can see him in your face
You'll never know the hell I've seen

Don't fear what's coming
We can't fight off the urge inside
It's dark and you're afraid of
The devils that come out at night
Let's make this easy
Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated
No need for sleep tonight
Sweet dreams are overrated

I'm just a whisper in the void
No one's there, you're paranoid
I'm just a trick of your own mind
Blink your eyes once and you'll find
I'm just a ghost inside your head

Don't fear your fate that soon arrives
It's a deadly lullaby
You'll be with us very soon
Another spirit in the room
Take your place among the lost

You can't wake
From this dream
No one will hear you screaming
So hold on
For the ride
I'll take you with me tonight
This nightmare
This prison
Inside the suits we live in
Don't fear me
We'll have sweet dreams forever

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