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The Party Song


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Long nights, dark days
Still stuck in your ways
Hung over from drinking down your pain
Strangers, lost ones
Thinking the party's just begun
While they're still alive, tell them it's all a lie
Party on, party on,
How could it do you harm?
You ask yourself with a needle in your arm
Let it go, you can show the world you're free
From the inner demons causing misery

One life to waste
How does it taste?
Coming so far just to throw it all away
Pieces, your past
Like broken glass
It feels good now, but the party doesn't last

Care free
Life style
Is it all worth your while
You think they love you, but what's behind each smile?
Do they know you can't feel
What's a dream and what's real?
While they're still alive
Tell them it's all a lie
Drink it down, perhaps another shot will tell
How to exit this self-destructive shell
Or maybe not, maybe that's what burned your world
Maybe you're not supposed to be be this party girl

Hold on
Oh, you're not alone now
I can help you get out
You can still change somehow, right now

You burned it down
We can built it back with a little
Help from you and a little self control
It's not too late
It's never too late to turn back, and back track
Home again
In the end

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