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I Still

Backstreet Boys

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
Intro: Dm Am  C 
F             C 
Who are you now? 
        Dm                Bb                  F 
Are you still the same or did you change somehow? 
F           C  
What do you do?  
         Dm         Bb              F    
At this very moment when I think of you  
             C       Dm 
And when I'm looking back 
How we were young and stupid 
F         C     Dm      Bb  
Do you remember that? 
No matter how I fight it 
Can't deny it 
Just can't let you go  
        F    C 
I still need you 
        Dm     Bb  
I still care about you 
       F                  C        Dm  Bb  
Though everything's been said and done  
        F    C            Dm      Bb 
I still feel you like I'm right beside you 
   Gm        Dm      
But still no word from you 
F           C 
Now look at me 
Dm                Bb              F 
Instead of moving on, I refuse to see 
            C      Dm 
That I keep coming back 
Yeah, I'm stuck in a moment 
F           C        Dm 
That wasn't meant to last 
     Gm                 Bb 
I've tried to fight it, can't deny it 
You don't even know that 
Gm Bb 
No, No... 
I wish I could find you 
Bb                          C 
Just like you found me, then I 
                    F   C  Dm Bb 
Would never let you go 
(need you, care about you) 
F                        C        Dm    Bb 
Though everything's been said and done, yeah 
        F      C 
I still feel you (I still feel you) 
         Dm       Bb 
like I'm right beside you (like I'm right here beside you) 
     Gm      Dm            F 
But still no word from you
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