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Dinner at 6


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: F
Dm - A - Dm - A 
Dm - A - Dm - A 
Dinner at 6 I can no longer wait for your call 
I've been waiting for days 
It's hard for me to think you've forgotten my number 
When we had such a nice chat the other day 
Hope nothing serious has happened it's been a good weekend 
Called my mother 3 times 
My streaks finally broken 
It's been awhile since I've seen such a lovely face 
Will nothing spoil my day... let nothing spoil my day 
A  -  Bb  -  A  -  Bb 
I'm afraid to look 
Only to find You could be just like the rest 
Give me a sign You think you've figured me out 
I'm a mess still you want to stay 
Like fine wine this keeps getting better with time so what's the delay 
Dm - A - Bb 
Well I know this all looks bad but underneath it all 
But your timing couldn't be any better this is my curtain call 
Well I know you know my name that little look you gave gave you away 
So behave I'll be nice mother I don't need to be told twice 6 in the morning 
Dm - A - Dm - A 
I'm still here... I'm still here 
What you read in the paper I tell you their lies 
Stop looking at me with those vanishing eyes 
The gods have spoken and I'm forced to fib it was the night of night 
I went out for a little drink 
Met up with an old friend said hello 
Goodbye... I gotta go Home... 
A - Bb - A - Bb 
Only to find nobody 
You afraid to take a hard look let me sell you my story 
It's tragic You think you've figured me out you still don't want to stay 
Save my tears for later I got something cooking 
Let's not delay... Better behave 
Take a better look at myself 
Better behave take a closer look at myself 
This is a shame 
This is a shame 
Have I fallen from grace 
Have I fallen from grace 
I've fallen 
I've fallen 
I've fallen...  
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