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Boardwalk Angel

Beaver Brown Band

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Little girl, tonight baby don't be blue
Dig those pretty lights along the avenue
You're out there on your own,
Spending all your time alone
So come on girl, tonight I want to be with you

The world has let you down and it broke your huart
But tonight's the night for a brand new start
We'll leave the world behind
We'll go walking on down the line
Come on girl, let's make our dream comw true

Meet me out on the boardwalk tonight
Meet me down by the sea
We can dance in the carnival lights
On the shores of Jersey
We'll fall in love on a carousel
Little boardwalk angel

Boardwalk angel, boardwalk angel
Boardwalk angel
I want you to stay by me
You're my boardwalk angel

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