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Night Knuckles


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: C#m
[Intro] E/B  E/B
        E/B  E/B
        A  E/B
        A  E/B
        A  E/B
        A  E/B  E/B
        A  E/B
        E4  E/B
        A  E/B
        A  E/B
        G#4  C#m  G#4
        A  E/B

            A       E/B
Welcome to midnight
               A            E/B
Screams when I open my eyes
Premeditated isolation
       E/B        A  E/B
And it still bites
Welcome to real life
E4                     A
Time doesn't matter and you're gonna die
E/B                            A
Drip drop it goes through the holes in your skull
In the night time they grow
In the night time they grow

( E/B  A  E/B  A )
( E/B )

Leave if you're sure
        E/B                    A
When it comes to this you know better than you think
And don't tell me it's fine
Don't tell me I'm wrong
Because the faker the hope
          A               E/B
The more painful the song

Get it in your thick skull
Of course it won't be easy
              E/B                         A               E/B
It's just the way it is deal with it I'm tired of whining
These are just things that I hammer into my skin
In the night when the sky looks like my
Knuckles and my eyes

( E/B  A  E/B  A  E4  E/B  E/B  A  E4  E/B  E4  A  E4  A  E/B  A )
Composición de Cavetown
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Karina Páez
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