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Dave Matthews Band

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
transcribed by Brian Cieszynski

Intro Riff (fig I) 8x, last time 2nd ending|Fig. 2 2nd ending 

                                     "Uhn, Ha, open wide."  "I do my
bestfor you"

Fig. 2 is what I could come up with- there is a lot of interplay between Tim
Reynolds and Dave in this part of the song, but play this with the album- it
sounds decent.  This basic rhythm is used throughout the song, and the only
exception is at the "I do my best for you" line, where the second ending is
sung in time with the strikes of the strings (The last line of the above tab)

The main body of the song uses Fig. 2 along with the 2nd ending for the
"I do my best for you" line.  Here's the chorus.  Before playing this, see my
note at the bottom of the page.

Fig 3

 D           C        D
"I think the world of you
D     C        D
Oh my heart, I do
D             C         D
Blood thru my veins for you
D              C      D
You alone have all of me
D         C        D
I give my world to you
D        C
To you i will be true"  Into Fig I

Repeat Fig 2 for verses,  same chord changes for next Chorus.

Outro Jam-  Use same chords from Fig 2- listen to album to get exact
I couldn't accurately tab the rhythm on my computer.  

Dave avoids using the high strings on his guitar for the most part, so
the C and D chords of the chorus are played as such:

   D  C
   x  x
   x  x
   7  x
   7  9
   5  9
   x  7
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Otros videos de esta canción
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