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i sit and think about you
your eyes all come from my heart
i wish i can give you my love
but i dont know where to start
all that i ask, is to feel your touch
and to have your hand in mine
to feel your heart be next to mine
would make my dreams come true
when im lost will you find my way
when i cry will you easy my pain
when i fall will you lift me up
when i need someone to love
when all the times we shared
can never be compared
to the love we had if you were by my side
this love will never end
the feeling i, i hold inside
will you be the one to fill this emptiness
i know that no one could never take your place
inside im crying
so when you open up your arms
and i pray, that you'll be the one (you'll be the one)
your the only one for me
when im lost oh girl will you be there?
when i cry oh girl will be there?
when i fall girl will be there?
when i need someone to love?
repeat bridge

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Otros videos de esta canción
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