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Your Daddy's Car

The Divine Comedy

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tone: A

E/A  A                 A/D 
We   took your daddy's car 
    D               D/E 
And drove it to the sea 
   E                 E/A 
We fooled around for hours 
    A                A/D              D 
And then when we got tired and it got dark 
   C#7              F#m 
We found a place to park 
       E4-3               A4-3 
And we watched the sunset fire 
To the sea 

Aº7     A/E              A9     Dmaj7 
Can you feel the sadness in our love? 
E7       Bm7             A      Dmaj7 
It's the only kind we're worthy of 
Aº7     A/E              A9     Dmaj7 
Can you feel the madness in our hearts? 
E7     Bm7               A      Dmaj7 
As the key turns and the engine starts 
Engine starts 

{as before} 
We took your daddy's car 
And drove it into town 
We steamed into a bar 
And we bought the biggest bottle of champagne 
And driving through the rain 
We sang: "God bless this car, and all who sail in her!" 

Chorus repeat 

We took your daddy's car 
And wrapped it round a tree 
We didn't know what for 
We didn't feel like driving any more 
It was so good 
We got bored                                        
                                       C   C/B   C/A   C/B   D4-3 
And we are driving from the day we are born 

{Chorus as before} 

Chorus Repeat 

Can you feel 
The engine 

{Stay on the Dmaj7 at the end and feel that sadness...}
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