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Could I Fall In Love

Elvis Presley

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
CoulD I FAll in LovE
C               Em
CoulD I FAll in lovE 
        F          C
For thE vEry First timE
            G        Dm
ThAt's whAt I Ask mysElF 
     G7                C
whEn your lips touCh minE

CoulD I FAll in lovE 
on A niGht likE toniGht
ThAt's whAt I'D likE to know 
whEn I holD you tiGht
E                                     A
Now thAt wE'rE AlonE (Now thAt wE'rE AlonE)
Just A kiss ApArt (Just A kiss ApArt)
I hAvE thE AnswEr From thE FEElinG in my hEArt
CoulD I FAll in lovE
 AnD ForEvEr bE truE
My hEArt tElls mE I CoulD 
iF I FEll For you
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    Composição: Randy Starr Colaboración y revision:
    • rafael diegas

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