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Elvis Presley

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: F
    F     Bb7   F       C7
    Danny is my name oh yes

    (Tacet)           F
    My name should be trouble
  A7                  Dm
    My name should be woe
  F7                Bb
    For trouble and heartache
  C7              F
    Is all that I know
        C7     (Tacet) Bb7   (Tacet) F     Bb  F
    But Danny, yes,    Danny is my   name, oh, yes

  C7                 F
    My life has been empty
  A7                  Dm
    My heart has been torn
  F7                  Bb
    It must have been raining
  C7                F
    The night I was born
       C7     (Tacet) Bb7   (Tacet) F     Bb  F
    Oh Danny, yes     Danny is my   name, oh, yes

    I'm so afraid of tomorrow
    So tired of today
    They say that love is the answer
        Am         G7      C7  (Tacet)
    But love never came my way

    I'm writing a letter
  A7             Dm
    To someone unknow
  F7                 Bb
    So if you should find it
  C7               F
    And if you're alone
         C7     (Tacet) Bb7   (Tacet) F     Bb  F
    Well Danny, yes,    Danny is my   name, oh, yes
Composição de Ben Weisman / Fred Wise
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