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I Need Somebody To Lean On

Elvis Presley

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: C
INTRO: C Dm C Dm  
(You got to listen to the song to put the chords on the right place, is mainly a piano 
 so it's a bit difficult to put them on the exact place)
C             Dm    C       Dm   C
I need somebody to lean on
      Dm           Am                 Gm  C  F
I need somebody to tell my troubles to
        Dm     Fm       
No use denying, I'm close to cryin'
         D             D         G7                  Em C
But what good, tell me what good would my crying do
I need somebody to help me
Help me forget all those worries on my mind
And when I'm lonely, if someone would only
Want to be sweet and kind
C     Gm        F          Gm
I need somebody, won't that somebody
F      F        Gm           F
Please, please listen to my plea
C      Gm           F          Gm
Need that somebody, won't that somebody
D#              G#
Come running to me
I need somebody to lean on
I'm tired of being unhappy and so blue
If she came I would hold her 'cause I really need that shoulder
Gm                       A7   Em6 A7 D
To lean on, yes I really do
     Am                             Fm      C            
Cause I need somebody, and that somebody is you
Dm C Dm C Dm C Dm FADE
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    • rafael diegas

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