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Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I watch
My generation going down in flames
Tell me why can抰 we change, why do we sit back
We抣l never have control over the lives that we have chosen
As long as we remain blind
To the truth laid out before us
A nation of media slaves
Waiting for the latest trend
Force fed the issues
And the guilt free cause of the week
Hit form every side, what's beneath the surface
So many lies
Beneath the surface
So many lies
Yet we remain ignorant to THE TRUTH
And we become slaves
To our inabilities
What we do not know we ever bother to learn
So much to challenge
But will we ever rise to the occasion
And I watch my generation
Turn away and die
But I won't
I WON'T lay down my dreams
I WON'T go quietly
I won't lay down my dreams
I won't go quietly
Down the path that they have chosen
The path laid out for me
Won't give up my freedom
Won't lay down my dreams
Won't give up my freedom
I won't go quietly

Composição de Ensign
Colaboración y revision:
  • Marcelo Faria

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