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Barbara Allen

The Everly Brothers

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
tono: C
Twas in the merry month of May 
     F              C
When flowers were a bloomin'
      F             C        Am
Sweet Willie on his deathbed lay
        C       G7      C
For the love of Barbara Allen

He sent his servant to the town
    F                  C
The town where she did dwell in
       F               C       Am
Saying master dear has sent me here
        C       G7      C
If your name be Barbara Allen

Then slowly slowly she got up
    F               C
And slowly she went to him
    F                 C       Am
And all she said when she got there
      C     G7           C
Young man I think you're dying

Oh don't you remember the other day
     F              C
When we were in the tavern
    F                        C      Am
You drank your health to the ladies there
        C        G7      C
And you slighted Barbara Allen

He turned his face unto the wall
   F                 C
He turned his back upon her
 F             C      Am
Adieu adieu to all my friends
   C       G7      C
Be kind to Barbara Allen

She looked to the east she looked to the west
    F                C
She saw his corpse a-comin'
   F                C      Am
Oh sit him down for me she cried
     C     G7        C
That I may gaze upon him

The more she looked the more she grieved
    F             C
She busted out to cryin'
       F              C        Am
Sayin' pick me up and carry me home
    C      G7        C
For I feel like I am dyin'

They buried Willie in the old churchyard
    F              C
And Barbara in the new one
     F                    C      Am
From Willie's grave there grew a rose
     C         G7      C
From Barbara's a green brier

They grew and grew to the old church wall
    F                 C
And could not grow no higher
    F                    C         Am
And there they died in a true love-knot
    C        G7      C
The rosebush and the brier
Composição de Jörgen Elofsson / Susan Urban
Colaboración y revision:
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