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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Ezra Furman

Chords: Principal (acoustic and electric guitars)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tone: F#m
F#m F#m F#m F#m F#m
B   B
F#m F#m F#m F#m F#m

[Verse 1]
        D  E           A
Now my tender heart is hardened
              E  C#           F#m
I'm taking walks   in my dead garden
             Bm   E             B
I'm shooting marbles 'cross the floor
       E                         E7
In the maintenance closet at the grocery store

        D  E        A
In my little black apartment
        E      C#          F#m
I found love's   secret compartment
           Bm   E        B
And now I keep my things inside
       E          C#       F#m
That's my Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

F#m B F#m

[Verse 2] 
               D    E           A
Somewhere back there  I started drifting
           E    C#     F#m
And I just drifted all away
         Bm    E             B
Now am I still   the man you paid for
         E                                 E7
Am I something completely different in the night and in the day

[Verse 4]
       D   E      A
I was hideous and handsome
      E    C#           F#m
And I held   myself for ransom
      Bm   E       B
I was honest and I lied
       E           C#       F#m
That's my Dr Jekyll  and Mr Hyde

F#m Bm F#m

    B               F#m
And I know that you tried
          E                             E7      C#
Oh, I was standing on the beautiful downtown skyscraper
I was looking down the side

[Verse 5]
            D     E             A
Oh beauty's frail  and beauty's passin'
        E   C#            F#m
And she soon  goes out of fashion
               Bm       E              B
And she's just runnin on  and down the drain
          E                                  E7
She'll be always stuck somewhere between big joy and big pain

[Verse 6]
        D   E              A
And although she'll always slay me
       E   C#           F#m
I will make   her be my baby
           Bm   E           B
Yes I will take   her as my bride

[Verse 6]
          D  E             A
There's a thousand ways to love her
        E  C#        F#m
Open heart   or undercover
           Bm E             B
And I just ne - ver could decide
        E     E7 C#        F#m
That's my Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
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