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Sands Of Time

Fates Prophecy

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I think that time passes fast
Life vanishes without reason
As a castle which collapses
Wishes end up as illusions
I heard words that now make sense
But it's too late for me
I don't want to believe in what they said
But I've got no other option
I can't hold my fate
And my time is running out
There's no other exit
I have to wait for the Sands of Time
On my last days
I'll try to live forever
On my last days
I'll try to be an immortal… Man
I'm feeling hope in my heart
I still have the wisdom in my mind
I feel that life escapes from me
I'm trying to hold it,
I fight to hold it
I know that death is coming
I won't let it fetch me
And then I'll smile to show that
With all this, I'll be immortal

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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Márcio Santos
  • Juliett Peixoto

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