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Fates Prophecy

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If thou loved thy father
Hither is the chance to fell thy rage
He is coming back, bringing
The problems of a tormented life

Calm down, be kind with the man,
Wait till the final moment
Thou will disguise thy fury fighting
In the name of the King and the Queen

For illusions fight you both will
Just to give some sense to the trap

Vengeance hath no limits, vengeance
Whence other hath mistaken, do it right

I'll anoint my sword with deadly poison
A simple drop shalt be enough
To cause total pain and death
This will guarantee our victory

A poisoned chalice I'll prepare
But at the same instant he drinks
Thou hast to kill him with thy sword
It's the only way to get out by the front door

At the end of the play, thoughts
And dry lips dived into vengeance

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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Faublas Silva

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