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Suck Me Off Its The End Of The World


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Am
Em* 7    F* 8
    8       9
    9       9
    9       9
    7       8
    7       8


A           D C A
Suck me off
A                                      D        C               A
Rosy red balls falling out of the sky, it's the end of the world
                           Em G
I had to cry "Suck me off."
     Em      G
Blow me world
                A D C A
This is the end

Bleeding red anuses falling out of the earth
D        C                      A
What the fuck the whole thing's upside down, it's worse in this
Little end of the world
            D C A
Suck me off

Em            G Em
Just like rain
                B                               Dbm
Alligators with fifteen foot penises coming down
    Am          Dbm                      Am
Oh, green scary shit it's the end of the world
And you'd better suck me off
Suck me off
D       C  A
Oh blow me world and while you're at it suck me off
        D             C       A                             Em G
I don't care how much time is left I gotta get me some head
The whole damn world is bleeding
              B     A
Oh blood everywhere

                             Dm G
You might as well suck me off
I'll suck the world dry
    G                           Dm
I'm thirsty I'll have some blood
Em*            F*                     G                             G7    A
It's a vampire loving night for horny bastards like me with the bat blues
           D C A
Suck me off

A                                   D                  C  A
Trillions of bats with busted balls flying through the air
You can hear their call - "Suck us off."
A             D       C      A
Bleeding down vampire mother effers
          Em                               G
And the cows they've landed upon are crying
               Em                 B                                   A
And the horses dug a hole where the cow dung was smelling up the world

                  D            C       A
The mayor came on tv today and he said:
A                        D C A
"Everyone, suck me off!"
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