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As Old As You're Young

Gentle Giant

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Look at the mirror over there, what do you see? Tell yourself a lie
Are you as old as you seem? Feel something that you have to
Being open, an innocent, wise only when. Age can mellow the haste
New hopes, ambitions undone - you're only as old as you're young

Out of your youth and you'll find that the time goes
slipping away where no-one knows
Soon enough Winter is changing to Spring
always understand one life it goes

Never as old as you're young and everything still yet to find
Dreams not realized
Thoughts rising, duties and vows continue, can't wait for you

Now is the day, tomorrow comes without an end
Mark time follow the sun - you're only as old as you're young

So as you look around, look at the things you knew
Never seeking the past
Forget all the things you have done - you're only as old as you're young
Still open eyed and promises never quite complete
Working head in the air
The coming of age never comes - You're only as old as you're young

Colaboración y revision:
  • Paulo Lima
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