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Gym Class Heroes

Aún no tenemos el cifrado de esta canción.

We like, fuck a hush on the bus that rush
acting mad dumb singing bum-stiggedy bump

plus we was mad young, I remember acting a fool
we laughing at the monkeys fucking at that park zoo

yo it was crazy cool raising hell at West Street school
forget what the teacher said, yo, we made our own rules

remember back in the day carving names in desks
not even knowing six years later I would see your death

we was just little kids doing childish shit
til we got to middle school and got wild and shit

and that's when we started chasing girls not even thinking about grades
we was in a new world, our visions started to fade

we was still homeboys acting out and such
even though we didn't hang out as much


I told myself I'd never cry
I know, I know know why
I never even said goodbye
but now I'm asking myself why
'cause I know, I know know why
I never even said goodbye

And now we in the High School
smart fish in the lake

we study trying to keep it real
staying far from the fake

its funny how the first month of school started to fly
before I knew it your life was gone in the blink of an eye

and now I'm stuck in denial
this shit can't be

God tell me why you had to take Noah from me
Why the fuck you had to go and take Noah from me?


School was crazy there the next day
they didn't think I would last

seeing phoney bitches trying to get the fuck out of class
now I tried to play hard until I lost my cool

that's when I ran to a stall to shed a tear or two
I knew you full, I broke down and cried puddles

now everytime I see your picture, my anger doubles
and everytime I see your picture, my anger doubles


Créditos: Metro Lyrics

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