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Live a Little

Gym Class Heroes

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
Can you feel the urgency?
Like a needle pulling out
                          Em ( B B D )(fast)
Can you feel the urgency?
Doses of anxiety
We're just faces in the crowd

Doses of anxiety.

(verso 2)
Are these the lies that we've been taught to believe?
Are these the lives that we have opted to lead?
Uh oh, uh oh

(pre refrão)
Am G D F
La la la...  (2x)

Em              Bm
Staring at the clock
   C                  G
I hear each tick and tock
         Am              C
And they whisper that I lost the race,
    Am                B7
But I won't fucking stop

Em                   Bm
I'll hold you by my side
   C            G
I need you here tonight
       Am              C
Cause' if we're gonna' lose this thing
       Am            B7
we're goin' out in style.

(repeat verso 2x)

(verso 2)

(pre refrão)


(interlude) (Em)

(solo) (acordes do refrão)

(refrão 2x)
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Colaboración y revisión:
  • Fernando Accioly
  • guilherme morais
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