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Live or Die Free

Hed Pe

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American made
The terror displayed
The false flags that waive
Be afraid - be very afraid

The murder - the fear
The truth appears
The vi-o-lence of change
Is here

The war is on
To right the wrong
To pass on the light
The fight song is on

We get em goin
My people - you can't control em
We psycho - we on parole
And we just don't give a fuck

Cuz we got nothing to lose
But somethin to prove
A job to do
And that's fuckin you

Luciferian inbred
Bohemian draco-reptillian
We be killin em

Who are you to decide
Whether we live or die
Lizard! the how and the why
Is irrelevant

We tired and we ready to riot
We anarchists we must resist
And we don't owe you shit

We don't owe you shit

Live or die free

There's a fire in the white house
And panic in the streets
Now the youth brought up on
Violence brought the system to
It's knees

The politicians and their
Are all running for their lives
One dy of retribution
For a lifetime of lies

We know who you are
We're nt afraid
We will not submit to
We refuze to be your slaves

Babylon will fall
And you will be held responsible
For your crimes against
So fuck off!

We're tired and we're ready to riot
We anarchists and we must resist

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