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In sync

Hillsong Young & Free

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: C
[Intro] F2  Gsus  Am7  C  E  F2

Gsus                     Am7  C/  E
My life's filled with your melody
F2                           Gsus
And I'll cry of a life redeemed
My heart's tune to your mystery
C/E               F2      
In sync with you, in sync with you

F  G                        Am  C/E
My hearts beats to your rhythm now
F                         G
My life song an eternal sound
                             Am  C/E
For all you've done Lord, I sing it loud
Forevermore, forevermore

F  G                       Em
In your freedom here I stand
F                   G
Let it go of all I am
           Em  Em  F
Jesus, take control

F  G                               Am   C/E  F
(I'm) caught up in the middle of your em brace
All I have surrendered all to your name
                        Am      C/E  F
Jesus' sound, forever singing your name

G                       Am   C9
The skies echo Your love for us
F                               G
You're at the raise from the empty cross
The earth shakes as Your truth resounds
C                 F2
That You're alive, You're with us now

F  G                     Am             
Let our hearts keep beating
C/E   F
To the sound of heaven's song
G                    Am
No, we won't stay silent
C/E   F                    G
We will sing like never before

( C2  Dsus   Em7  G/B   C2 )
Composición de Aodhan King / Ben Tan / Matt Crocker
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Karen Nunes
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