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Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

Hinos de Países

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
reproducciones 6
Tono: G
Intro: Am  G/D  D7  G

Em7     D7 G    D7  G
Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika

         D7      G         D
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo,

Em7   D7 G     D  D9 G
Yizwa imithandazo yethu,

Am G  D G D7 G  Am G    D G   D7 G
Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.

Em     D7 G            D7 G D  D7
Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso,

Em    D7 G      C  Am G   D  G
O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho,

G            D        G    C      G  D D7 G
O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,

  C      G        D D7 G             D  F#m  A
Setjhaba sa South Afrika - South Afrika.

A       D        Bm   F#m
Uit die blou van onse hemel,

        Em7    D   A   Bm   F#m
Uit die diepte van ons see,

A7      D Bm    D A7 D
Oor ons ewige gebergtes,

Em7      A      Bm E7    A7
Waar die kranse antwoord gee,

D          Bm7     D      A
Sounds the call to come together,

A7   D D7  Bm7 Em    Em7   A
And united we  shall stand,

Bm     D    A7  D      Bm  Em7 Em
Let us live and strive for freedom,

         D   G  A7  D
In South Africa our land.
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    • Uriã Fancelli

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