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The Impossible

Joe Nichols

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: A
A             A(add9)           D                              A 
My dad chased monsters from the dark and checked underneath my bed, 
             A/G#             F#m        D    E       A 
And he could lift me with one arm way up over top his head. 
         A(add9)      D                              A 
He could loosen rusty bolts with a quick turn of his wrench, 
          A/G#               F#m      D     E    D 
He pulled splinters from his hand and never even flinched. 
                F#m            F#m(add9) 
In 13 years I'd never seen him cry,  
        Bm               A/C#    D        E   
But the day that grandpa died, I realized. 

Unsinkable ships sink, 
Unbreakable walls break, 
              F#m                    F#m7 
Sometimes the things you think would never happen 
D                E 
Happen just like that. 
Unbendable steel bends, 
       E                F+   D 
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable. 
     Bm               A/C#     D 
I've learned to never underestimate 
E      A  
 The impossible.  
A          A(add9)       D                           A 
Then there was my junior year, Billy had a brand new car. 
       A/G#              F#m              D         E        A  
It was late the road was wet, I guess the curve was just too sharp. 
          A(add9)       D                                    A 
I walked away without a scratch, they brought the helicopter in, 
      A/G#              F#m                  D     E     D 
Billy couldn't feel his legs, they said he'd never walk again. 
                                F#m           F#m(add9) 
But Billy said he would and his mom and daddy prayed, 
        Bm          A/C#           D          E 
And the day we graduated, he stood up to say: 
A   A(add9)  F#m  D  E 
So don't tell me that its over, 
           F#m           F#m(add9) 
Don't give up on you and me. 
               Bm               A/C# 
'Cause there's no such thing as hopeless, 
   D            E 
If you believe... 
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