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Hurt Me

Johnny Thunders

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
Intro: D C G C   *G F

Their eyes light up 
When you put them down 
Heartbeat increases 
         G          D
When you shove 'em around 
Spill a drink on her 
She's your friend for life
You can carve out a disciple 
       G      D        C
If you have a knife 


    A       G F# G
Oh, hurt me 
         A         G F# G
Ok, I'll hurt you 
     A         G F# G
Heartbeat you 
D                 G
Then I'm goin' to sleep 

Bm                   G
I'm not one of those cats that you meet 
Em             G             D
Don't try, you can't impress me 
But there's pages missin'
What's it about? 
     Em           G                     D         C
Each page leaves somethin' you'll never find out 

D                    G
Think I'm going to sleep

Solo: Bm G Em G D (x2) C

Bm    G             Em             D
Maybe I'm the prize fool because I tried 
Bm       G
But if I gave up 
Em        G   D             C
Life would     really suck 

D              G
Then I'm goin' sleep 

G D (x3) A D
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Otros videos de esta canción
Composición de Johnny Thunders / Richard Hell
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