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The Asshole Song


Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: F
F    F/E          F/D  (C D E F)
Your eyes are all wet now
F    F/E          F/D  (C D E F)
You know that I'm lying
F    F/E      F/D       F/C        Bb    Bb/F    Bb  Bb/F
I swear I was only protecting your heart 

But there are some reasons
And also some pictures
Which if you saw they would rip you apart

    C F/C   Gm/C  Am/C F  F/E          F/D  (C D E F)
And I won't watch you cry
F  F/E       F/D  (C D E F)
Goodbye, I'm an asshole 

I'm almost a tall guy
And fairly good looking
So people they trust me but sometimes they're wrong
I have often wondered
Which one was the taller
My old Alexander or Kubla Khan
And would they watch you cry
Goodbye, I'm an asshole 

Bb      Bdim (?)
I was a pig
Bb      Bdim (?)
And never no good
Bb      Bdim (?) 
Now you can see through the streams 
(don't know - end up at C on "wood")
in your eyes every nickel is wood 

Your lines are all fading
Your model's all last year
I am still a young man and I need a new car 

Your friends will all hate me
But I know I'm smarter
I'm in love with a fan and she thinks I'm a star
And she will never
So I won't ever
I won't watch you cry
I won't watch you cry
Goodbye, I'm an asshole
Compositor Jude Christodal
Colaboración y revision:
  • alessandro bosco
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