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Hang On Now


Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: D

Principal Key: Bm

Bm                 F#m,                  DC#m7 
Hang on Girl, Meet My Heart; It knows the best time for new love to start 
Bm                  F#m,                  DC#m7 
Hang on Now, Meet My Heart; It Knows the best time for us to start 
Bm                  F#m           DF#m       A7      Em 
Hang on Girl, Won’t You Remain? 

The Key of B Minor 

Modal            I           II           III      IVm    Vm          VI            VII 
          Bm             C#°           D      Em     F#m          G               A7 
Classical                                                  IV       V 
                                                 E          F# 

Tyler’s Notes on Intro/Chorus
The Intro/Chorus uses chords mostly from Bm (modal).  
The one obvious exception is the C#m7 chord that replaces the 
rarely used C#o chord…borrowing the perfect fifth (Ab) 
from the Classical minor.  The Em we hear before the verse vocal 
initiates a key change to E Minor and is no longer the IVm 
of Bm. 


Principal Key: Em 

Em7          Am    Em7                     Am 
No sooner than I turn my back and then 
      Em7         Am 
It's so hard to find 
I'm on the decline with you. 

Tyler’s Notes on the Verse 
The Verse consists of the most common minor progression in 
modern music, involving only the I and IVm chords.  It’s the same 
verse progression as Duran Duran’s “My Own Way," for example, 
which came out just a year before this song.  
Before the verse begins, the Chorus ends on an Em chord. 
Beggs seems to have added the minor 7th to distinguish 
the end of the Chorus from the beginning of the verse. 


Principal Key: E minor 

D             Am            CEm7 
Were I to know your feelings? 
             D              Am                     CEm7    
Is there something between me and you? 
D       Am              CEm7 
Can't pretend you surprise me and 
D            Am         CEm7 
Baby it’s hurting me too 

The Key of B Minor 

Modal            I           II           III      IV      Vm          VI            VII 
          Em             F#°           G       Am     Bm          C               D7 
Classical                                                  IV^       V 
                                                 A          B 

Tyler’s Notes on the Pre-Chorus 
Again, Beggs taps into the “more modern" modal minor, 
ignoring the sharp 7 of the key (D#) and the B major chord.  
Ending the section with an Em7 allows for an easy transition into 
the Bm chord that begins the Chorus.
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