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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: G
Damn this is the best song ever..
Album:The good life
can only be uset in school or pracktis

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Jeg har lige en ting tiljeg ved ikke hvordan man skal for klare det men spil den med 
greb uden at røre andet ind
D,G og B strengen inde

Det a skal man bare tage med    D 2
                                G 2
                                B 2

 A                             H
 the lonely loonies on the playground
D                             A
 reveal their shadows to the day
 they crash in planes on smack and weird sounds
D                               A
 and leaves us gold upon their graves
 our lives becomes less ordinary
Dm                                A
 show us that it doesn't hurt to die

is it so gorgeous
           D       E
is it enchanted
is it revealing

I feel so lucky I have seen you
and rapture spread among the crowd
I wish for once I could have met you
before they wrapped you in a shroud
the giants always get their heads chopped
or drown in muddy waters in the south

is it so gorgeous
is it enchanted
is it forever

is it so gorgeous
is it enchanted
is it eternal

with a rude tongue dressed in spiteful eloquence
you would call
calling for a love that never came
          B                 A
you would wait, you would call
           G#m             E
and you'd wait and you'd call

back here I am in search of answers
I won't accept what I was told
it's only fair to die from cancer
when you're old enough to say you're old
the reverb you left is never over
tolling for the only one who is not present -

still so gorgeous
so enchanted
so forever
is it so gorgeous
is it enhanted
is it eternal

is it tomorrow

Jeg fik lige en besked om at der var en fejl den er nu rettet hvis der ellers er fejl så sig lige til!
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