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Love Lifted Me

Kenny Rogers

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
tono: D
     D                     D/C# 
I'll write myself a simple song 
        D/B                 D/A 
Get the whole world to sing along 
     G         A             D     A7 
I'll call it a love song for you 
    D              D/C# 
And who knows, I'm liable 
          D/B           D/A 
To take a song from the Bible 
E7                A 
And then when I'm through 

I'll just sing: 
D    F#m A7 D 
Love lifted me 
D    F#m A7 D 
Love lifted me 
G    F#m Em  D          Dm 
When nothing else would do 
         D    F#m A7 D 
You know love lifted me  
Everybody's lookin' for a way 
To say something everybody's sayin' 
Well, that's hard to do 
A-searchin' their minds, tryin' to find 
The one of a kind way 
That they could say something new
Composición de Howard Smith / Preston Ross
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