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Under The Weather

KT Tunstall

Tablatura: Principal (guitarra)
Tom: G
Em7 - 03020x 
A7 02020x 
B/C 01022x 
A/C 01000x 
 G   C 
---0------0------0--------------| repeat throughout 
Verse 1 
G                        C 
Under this national rain cloud 
G                         C 
I'm getting soaked to the skin 
G                 C 
Trying to find my umbrella 
    Em                      Em7  A7 
But I don't know where to begin 
(Same chords as above) 
And it's simply irrational weather 
Can't even hear myself think 
Constantly bailing out water 
But still like I'm gonna sink 
G                 C 
Coz I'm under the weather 
G             C 
Just like the world 
Em           B        Em D  C 
So sorry for being so bo...ld 
(Same chords as above) 
When I turn out the light 
You're out of sight 
Although I know that I'm not 
Feels like home 
(Same as verse 1) 
You say you feel like a natural person 
You haven't got nothing to hide 
So why do you feel imperfection 
Cut like a sword in your side 
(Same as Chorus) 
Coz you're under the weather 
Just like the world 
And I need somebody to hold 
When I turn out the light 
You're out of sight 
Although I know that I'm not alone 
Feels like home 
           B  Em C 
Feels like   repeat as many times 
(Last time) 
           B  Em C  D    G  C F 
Feels like 
        C          G    C    F    C 
Yeah it feels like hoo..ome woah oh wooah 
(Chorus chords again) 
Oh cos i'm under the weather 
just like the world 
and i need somebody to hooold 
When i turn out the light 
your out of sight 
allthough I know that I'm not alone 
C  B/C A/C G 
Feels like home
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    Composição: KT Tunstall / Tommy D

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