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Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
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tono: D
All my life,
            G         A
I've been fighting a war
          Bm     G            A
I can't talk to you or your friends
It's not only you,
     G            A             Bm
My heart jumps around when I'm alluded to
              G     A
This will not do
             Bm          G      A
'Cause I was raised up to be admired,
to be noticed
      G               A
But when you're withdrawn,
it's the closest thing
      G               A         Bm
To assoult when all eyes are on you
              G    A
This will not do

( Bm  Bm  G  A )
( Bm  Bm  G  A )
( Bm  Bm  G  A )
( Bm  Bm  G  A )

I'm faking glory,
         G             A
Lick my lips toss my hair
And turn the smile on
          G            A
And the story's brand-new
But I can take it from here,
      G        A       Bm    G   A
I'll find my own bravado

Chorus 2X:

It's a switch flipped
It's a pill tipped back
It's a moon eclipsed, oh
Bm                                                              A
And I can tell you that when the lights come on I'll be ready for this
It's in your bloodstream
A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes
Bm                                                      A
It's a marathon run or a mounatin you scaled without thinking of size
I was frightened of every little thing
                   Em     Bm
that I thought was out to get me down
To trip me up and laugh at me,
But I learned not to want the quiet of the room
               Em       Bm
with no one around to find me out

I want the applause, the approval, the things that make me go, oh
Composición de Joel Little / Lorde
Colaboración y revisión:
  • Luku Chavez
  • Raul Kairos
  • Camila Rolim
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