Cifra Club


Loreena McKennitt

Cifrado: Principal (guitarra y guitarra eléctrica)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tono: Em
Em  D  C   Em  D  C
Em  D  C   Em  D  C

Em            D       C
White are the far-off plains
    Am        G/B    C       D
And white the fading forests grow
    Am             Em       D
The wind dies out along the height
Am               Em  D
Denser still the snow___
  Em        D         C
A gathering weight on roof and tree
      Am          G/B C     D
Falls down scarce audibly

Em          D           C
Meadows and far-sheeted streams
    Am    G/B C     D
Lie still without a sound
Am                  Em     D
Like some soft minister of dreams
             Am        Em  D
The snowfall hoods me around__
   Em       D     C
In wood and water, earth and air
  Am         G/B  C      D  C  D
A silence is everywhere

Em           D     C
Save when it lowly spills
     Am       G/B       C     D
Some farmer's sleigh is urged on
     Am                   Em    D
With rustling runners and sharp bells
Am                  Em  D
Swings by me and is gone___
   Em       D    C
Or from the empty waste I hear
  Am      G/B      C      D  C  D  C  D
A sound remote and clear

Em      D    C
Barking of a dog
   Am G/B    C       D
To cattle is sharply pealed
      Am                Em      D
Borne echoing from some wayside stall
   Am            Em  D
Or barnyard far afield__
     Em     D     C
Then all is silent and the snow
      Am       G/B      C     D
Falls settling soft and slow

C   D   C   D   C   D   C   D
C   D   C   D   C   D   C   D

    Em       D              C
The evening deepens and the grey
      Am G/B C         D
Folds closer earth and sky
    Am                      Em   D
The world seems shrouded so far away
    Am                Em D
Its noises sleep, and I____
   Em     D      C
As secret as yon buried stream
     Am     G/B    C      D
Plod dumbly on and dream
    C   D    C  D
And dream__
    C   D    C  D
And dream__
    C   D
And dream__
And dream__
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